Predict the needs of the industry

The vision of IPU is to be able to predict the needs of the business community and the society in the fields of engineering, and to develop the methods, technologies, and tools necessary. This is done based on the company’s own development projects and national and international collaborations. Including a very close working relationship with scientists and specialists at DTU.

Strengthen the interaction with the business community

IPU aims at meeting the needs of the business community for developmental assistance by offering collaborations that promote efficiency, targeting, and clarity within the tasks. The activities of IPU are to promote the interaction between the business community and universities.

Developing new offers

By collaboration with national and international universities including DTU, the vision of IPU is to identify new potential methods, procedures, and technologies. IPU plans to expand its service offers in order to achieve an integral whole, which meets the current needs of the business community.

Developing the employees

IPU strives to create a demanding and rewarding development environment, where the skills of some of the best engineers in Denmark are sophisticated through constant challenges from a large segment of the business community in Denmark and Europe.

Secure the concept

IPU plans to secure its status as a self-financing development organization by keeping a tight and consistent result orientation. IPU plans to continue to promote the engineering scientific research and development, which is valuable to the Danish society and the Danish business community.


  • Mission

    The mission of IPU is to offer highly qualified development, consultancy, and collaboration services with specialists in core engineering technology specialties. The purpose is to strengthen the business... Mission
  • History

    IPU was founded as an independent institution on May 23, 1956 as a collaboration between the then Productivity Commission in the Ministry of Commerce, the Professors Ove Hoff, K.V. Olsen, Bredahl Sørensen... History