The Company IPU


IPU is an independent private non-for-profit Company owned by a foundation. We create technologically innovative solutions with a certainty, in a number and with at quality that is characterised industrial production.

Why does IPU exist? IPU exists to ensure that the technological research at universities is developed and utilised in industry and business.

What does IPU do? IPU turns the research based technology at universities into competitiveness in industry and business and brings the results and experience of the companies back to the university environment to enhance continued research and education.

What is the IPU approach? In IPU we work systematically, methodically and professionally with innovation. It is IPU's belief that innovation can be planned, budgeted, optimised and controlled.

We cooperate both with big and small companies. In IPU we cooperate both with small and big companies who want to increase their competitiveness through advanced product development and technological innovation. We are 50 employees (including 25 employees in our subsidiary Arcanic) on the permanent staff and more than 60 affiliated engineers and innovation specialists.

Access to research based knowledge. IPU is affiliated to one of the world's best technical universities and therefore has a truly special academic breadth within research based knowledge in almost all fields of engineering.

This is how companies use us: Companies that employ engineers and innovation specialists of their own use us to supplement or challenge their employees in innovation processes. Others benefit from the easy access to highly specialised research based knowledge when they are in need of technological problem solving. Companies lacking technical innovation competence often choose to outsource entire development processes to us – whether it be innovation or technological problem solving that they require.


  • Marianne Thellersen new chairman of IPU's Board of Directors

    On 1 January 2013, Marianne Thellersen entered as new chairman of the board of directors of IPU, appointed by the President of DTU, Anders Overgaard Bjarklev. Marianne Thellersen is Senior Vice President... Marianne Thellersen
  • History

    IPU was founded as an independent institution on May 23, 1956 as a collaboration between the then Productivity Commission in the Ministry of Commerce, the Professors Ove Hoff, K.V. Olsen, Bredahl Sørensen... History