Pack Calculation II

Pack Calculation II

Development of Pack Calculation II is discontinued. See Pack Calculation Pro for latest version!


  • Refrigeration and energy technology

    We offer professional assistance based on a strong foundation in applied thermodynamics, simulation and refrigeration technology. Moreover, we have vast experience in formulating and managing publicly... Refrigeration and Energy Engineering
  • Postgraduate education

    IPU offers in-house seminars, courses and continuing education throughout our spectrum of competencies. IPU’s course material is structured so that a course that exactly reflects the company and employees... Kurser og kompetenceløft
  • Downloads

    Pack Calculation Pro - Yearly energy consumption of refrigeration plants - including transcritical CO2 systems Simple one-stage CO2 - Illustration of one-stage transcritical CO2 cycles ... Downloads
  • CoolPack

    CoolPack is a collection of simulation models for refrigeration systems. The models each have a specific purpose e.g. cycle analysis, dimensioning of main components, energy analysis and -optimization... CoolPack
  • Pack Calculation Pro

    Pack Calculation Pro is a simulation tool for calculating and comparing the yearly energy consumption of refrigeration systems and heat pumps: Calculate performance each hour of the year (= 8760...